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manna from heaven falls\cotton candy smothers us with sugar\fire does not give rise to perspective\the Father of Christ

manna from heaven falls
from the sky directly into the mouth

another day of eating wealth
from which nothing will be born

cotton candy smothers us with sugar
a stream of blood and tears of the dead flows near the house

we have nothing to eat and drink

fire does not give rise to perspective
the birds don’t sing
autumn does not come
autumn from now on without legs without god without man

There is nothing in the museum of words but the Father of Christ
Dream sporangia reach intuitively for granular sunlight
The world is already ready to eat
Everything in the world has already happened and been said

The olive of hearts turns to thorns
Meat and fish become flesh
The intonations of silence thicken
Molecules and atoms play in motion

Every second
Every second someone dies instead of me on the cross

Poetry by Mykyta Ryzhykh. Read more here and in Volume I: Dreams of ‘23

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