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A Paeon For Our City

The empty fields are not empty
They are emerald cages of refuge
That long road straight through the middle
Cutting earth open like diamond on diamond
Like bear claw searching for sweetness
In the home of honeyed stinging stripes
There is a restaurant where you can eat
Match sticks the city is so in love with fire
So in love with making sure the land
And god know that we are made of
Stuff hotter than cities down south
Even though we freeze to prove it
Praying over the hoop I nearly hung myself on
I have lived here for six years and
Have never known it to snow this much
We brought the forest to it’s knees
We took tree bark and built our gasoline apartment
Swallowing ice like our stomachs
Were made of hell they are thick hide
We are diamond sharp now hungry
To have something to prove we survived

Taylor Franson-Thiel is a graduate student at Utah State University pursuing her Master’s in Creative Writing. Her writing frequently centers on her experience as a Division One basketball player, her family, the female body, abusive relationships and mental health. Along with feeling like writing is her calling, she enjoys lifting heavy weights and reading fantastic books.

Twitter: @TaylorFranson
Instagram: @TaylorFThiel

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