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my cat and pen died / on the same day. / i used that same green pen / for so long, i forgot it could die. / it

started fading. naturally, / i questioned if it was too soon / for it’s passing. questioned / how much a

replacement would cost. / tiger lived so long i stopped believing / cats could die. / she wheezed and

sneezed but old / age comes with complications. / i found her / in the laundry room, sprawled on my

bralettes / like jesus. / it was so sudden: her / death. / and with the washer clanking at me / i felt like /

everything i loved was dying. / who’s next (?) / to die like jesus / with all the sin / but none of the


Adelie O. Condra lives in a small city, currently foraging the literary world in search of outlets for her unique prose. She is a teenager whose writing is often surrealistic, thoroughly weird, or dark.

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  1. Julie Allyn Johnson Avatar
    Julie Allyn Johnson

    Very nice. I like it!

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