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Cutting Branches

Cutting branches,
The dead snap.
Dried up of all life, they’re
Inflexible, breaking in my hands.
Living branches
Bend to the whims of others.
Cutting back, I guide them
On where I want them to grow.
Older branches,
Dead before they know.
Broken when bent.
For if I am to remain flexible,
I remain alive.
Life knows how to bend.

Every morning, Kris Green stumbles to the coffeemaker before bleary eyes focus on an open file. It’s the easiest time to write in his lovely Florida home filled with his wife, clamorous three-year-old son and chatty one-year-old daughter.
Some might assume he has a problem, never letting a day go without writing. Hemingway called it bleeding. Wesley called it setting himself on fire. He prefers to think of it as just one of many things he does to preserve his sanity.
He’s been published by excellent people such as Nifty Lit, The Haberdasher: Peddlers of Literary Art, BarBar Literary Magazine, In Parentheses Magazine, Route 7 Review, and many more. Last year, he’s had over a dozen short stories published as well as half a dozen poems.

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