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belly up

the roadkill on the ground
is bloated and slick

its front turned out an offering
to nature or perhaps a warning

to get out or maybe
a premonition, it’s too late

to change i stay
& i wait

how long does it take for an animal
struck down to die

knuckles in drywall glistening red
like summer strawberries, mashed

and rotten from being left alone
too long, your breath

on the other line please wait
just a little longer

Josie Kochendorfer is a writer and educator based in Portland, Oregon. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Barrelhouse, The Account, Rough Cut Press, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the Ohio State University and is a Ph.D. candidate in Literature and Criticism at Indiana University.

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3 responses to “belly up”

  1. Lucio H. Cooper Avatar
    Lucio H. Cooper

    Knuckles in drywall, damn what a line, dark and visceral. Loved it!

  2. Lucio H. Cooper Avatar
    Lucio H. Cooper

    Dark and visceral poem. Loved it!

  3. Amanda Beibers Avatar
    Amanda Beibers

    Deep and relentless. Bravo

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