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I found a CD-R
In the community book-exchange.
There was no cover
But a cue-card read:
Respighi: Ancient Airs & Dances.
We don’t have a CD player any more
So I youtubed it.
It was good,
But not what I’d expect
From the book-exchange.

Erik Peters is a teacher and avid mediaevalist from Canada. Erik’s work with marginalised students has profoundly influenced his writing which has been published in numerous magazines including Coffin Bell, Superlative Lit, Prospectus, The Louisville Review, and The Dead Mule School. Read all Erik’s publications at www.erikpeters.ca or @erikpeterswrites.

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  1. Geoff Avatar

    I think from the same book exchange my girlfriend brought home a board game. We finally set aside an evening to play it, and after spending about 40 minutes parsing the rules, we discovered it was one of those "legacy" board games that are essentially consumable and certain materials get used in a way that can’t be undone and the game is finished. So we ultimately picked up what was a well presented piece of garbage. It was worse than nothing because it gave the illusion of a fun evening and the ensuing investment into making that evening happen.

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