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I make brownies while I eat pancakes
Spare me some time with the slate
I’m immortal to this body, a soul led astray
He eats me while I moan but I am not here to stay.

Men will curse you because you are a woman
The evil they believe exists in your groins and mammals
This evil they seek still, doing the abnormal
Like rape or the poisoning of attires.

I don’t weep anymore
Neither will I keep myself in the brutalities
of the affairs of men.
This body is caramel, this body is gold.

Leaves lie pretty behind rivers of stones
This life is hard for all, good for none
I sit by the walls of sorrow and watch pretty little ladies laugh
Why don’t girls like me?

Bodies to bodies
I cried as he made me cum
You are my demi-god he whispered
Complete me he lingered through my pubic hair

Told in the raw, brutal, unfiltered, and honest voice of Obidi Ojochide, a Nigerian Non-binary writer. My recent work appeared in Agoro, a publication for personal anthologies in Nigeria. Founder of @bookclub50, I hold a master’s in Bioengineering from the University of Tartu.

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