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Pterodactyl Breast

Why not Jurassic Park this place for real.
John Hammond as new world Colonel Sanders.
Think about it. How many chickens does it take
to equal a pterodactyl? This is not a joke. Start
with the mosquito in the amber cane topper.
Blood DNA into eggs & pterosaur chicks. Alters
the timeline-answer to the annual philosophical
question of what came first. DNA. A twisted
ladder from the beginning of time. Twisting
& twisting, man, oh man. Tongues, truths, ropes,
roots, minds, hearts, twisted into knots & fear
& submission & hungry butterfly stomachs—
extra crispy fried genetic memory cries for the
mother would have the people droolin’ & soppin’
it up with some biscuits. One pterodactyl breast
could feed a small town, pterodactyl tenders
so tender, fixin’ for that spicy dino double helix.

BRIAN HARMAN is a dad and poet living in Southern California. He is the author of Suddenly, All Hell Broke Loose!!! through Picture Show Press. His work has appeared in Alien Buddha Press, Nerve Cowboy, The Daily Drunk, and elsewhere. Find him at brianrharman.com.

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