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I Write for the Helen Keller Child

A tulip looks like soap.

Lilacs look like soot.

Blackbirds sound like glue
dried on the back of your hand.

Drop something and it disappears.

Everything I say is for your eyes.

I want to know what r feels like.

Herons look like standing up too fast.

The water you know.

Donald Zirilli is the Poetry Adjudicator for the New Jersey Teen Arts Festival. He edits the Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow and edited Now Culture for 10 years. His poetry has been published in over 40 periodicals and anthologies and was nominated for the Forward Prize and Best of the Net, and he was a finalist for the James Tate Prize. His chapbook, Heaven’s Not for You, was published in 2018 by Kelsay Books.

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