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Lexico-Theological Manifesto

1. Art is where the Flesh and the Word meld into indistinction: SORROW and MEMORY. 2. Sacrifice over compromise. 3. Time cannot be made but only created because it is of the CREATURE and not the object. 4. Reading is the only POSSESSION and can never be exorcized, being the only food of the Demon. 5. God has no grammar but only designations or CURSES. Every dictionary is His list of Names taken. 6. Concepts may not be approached without dishonor and shame. They must be courted like Angels. 7. The Subject is the Night IMPREGNATED by Life; Day is the womb of Death, or the realm of the object.

1. Drag, v.t. [Sax. dragon] To draw along in contempt.
Slag, n. The scoria of a volcano.
2. Creature, n. A human being, in contempt; as an idle creature; that which is produced, formed or imagined.
3. Possession, n. The state of being under the power of demons or invisible beings; madness; lunacy; as demoniacal possession.
4. Curse, n. Malediction; the expression of a wish of evil.
5. Impregnated, v. t. To infuse particles of one thing into another.

Zane Rougier Perdue’s work can be found with The Decadent Review, The Hong Kong Review, Punt Volat, and elsewhere, in print as well as online. He currently lives in Pennsylvania.

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