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The Amygdala

To say it’s unidentified is only to identify it badly. Shapes of kidneys to ellipses then to perfect circles, thank you printed matter, thank you primal scream. Who was that unmasked man? I don’t define obscurity but know it when I see it and who plays Amazing Grace plays me. I scoff at top hats therefore nothing’s as it seems. I’m thinking of a probability between one hundred and one hundred one. I’m thinking of a color between ultraviolet and infrared. My vital signs are independent of how many tulips I have tiptoed through. Are there too many or too few impersonators in these purlieus? Are the essences the essences of roses or of writhing martyrs? When I said the humor was so vitreous the hecklers questioned every mechanism so is it on irony I’m running or on fumes? Sequentially demolishing abandoned buildings, I say Jesus loves me I say Jesus loves me not. For three detached pianos I have all of seven hands, Japan bans entry and from head-high tables autumn’s anvils fall.

Heikki Huotari attended a one-room school and spent summers on a forest-fire lookout tower. Since retiring from academia/mathematics he has published poems in numerous journals and in five poetry collections. His manuscript, To Justify The Butterfly, won second prize, and publication, in the 2022 James Tate Chapbook Competition. His Erdős number is two.

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