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The patron saint of ‘A joyless plummet into conformity’, and maybe the color green

You have some of the prettiest green eyes I’ve ever seen
And I can’t believe I get to look at them
Next to the mountains, I’d say I felt the same about looking at both
I’ve seen you out a few times
Choking on Tito’s and smoke
I can’t see your eyes as well then
But I remember they what they look like
And at least I know you’re free now
About those mountains
I haven’t ever been up there myself but I know it’s a lot different than back home
You can see a lot more from the top
You know they build a lot closer to the base out here
They don’t really care about that stuff
But there your eyes are
On the peaks of the mountains
Casting shadows to the ground and
Tormenting me.
I mean that.
I’m happy I can’t see them at night
It’s less honest that way.

Adrian Kennedy chooses to portray themselves in a way that is so non descriptive, it may not affect the interpretation of any individual reading their works. They wish that any person can connect to any piece they write intimately and personally. Kennedy has been published before in the “In Parentheses” online blog for their work ‘to face the sun’.

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