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Free Association, Evening Session

take me to Narnia
throw me into a spiderweb
watch me puke and twirl over frozen hardwood
where our living room once was

take me to Heaven
shove the ocean down my throat
until salt rains from my eyelids into sea glass cookies
and we’ll serve them Halloween eve

let’s get a jungle frog
and name him Charles… or Pete
Pete is the name of my mom’s boyfriend’s yawn
let’s keep Charles in an orange tree

laundry is clanking in its machine
I wreak havoc because it’s entertaining
and otherwise, I’d wonder how many people would look away
I drove my new motorcycle through the wall

all pens smell of peaches
who decided lines on paper should be horizontal?
I would cripple without Post-it notes

why do brains have so much room?
did I stretch mine somehow so it’d be easier to overthink?
I can’t decide if I’d like Hawaii

haikus are hard to perfect
it takes me too long to figure out 5+7+5 equals 17
it’s easier to count the little dipper’s stars

why is my voice so annoying?
my rose gold reflection is squished into my watch
please shove the ocean down my throat

Adelie O. Condra lives in a small city, currently foraging the literary world in search of outlets for her unique prose. She is a teenager whose writing is often surrealistic, thoroughly weird, or dark. This is her first publication.

2 responses to “Free Association, Evening Session”

  1. Berkley Avatar

    Um I’m sorry but this poem had my jaw ON THE FLOOR. Although I might be a little biast I think this is one of the best things I’ve ever read. The surrealism is crisp and chaotic, done in a tasteful messy way if you will.

  2. Eric Short Avatar
    Eric Short

    Better than drugs. Well, some of them at least.

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