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we flirt w/ being homeless

they don’t look that bad truth be told the tent cities
downtown all urban-chic & betarped i could totally
see us in a one-bedroom w/ maybe an adjoining lean-to
for baby when the time comes? i know times are tough
but i think we could swing it if i got a raise i could even
ask for more hours plus there’s no hydro or utilities &
just look at the neighbourhood trip advisor called it
“frenetic” & “afflicted” they’ve even got a little market
every other day no not a farmers’ market per se no
more like a flea one yeah electronics & shot glasses & clothes
& stuff super cool honestly i know you’re worried we don’t
have a future ‘cause of inflation & stuff & i know you have to
finish your degree still that’s what i’m saying this could be
it we can still swing it this could be our forever home even
so whaddaya say we’re not gonna find anything cheaper or
better located whaddaya say wanna check out one of the
floor models wanna fill out an application?

Aaron Barry is a minimalist poet and soon-to-be vagrant from Vancouver, Canada. His work has been featured in over fifty publications, including Modern Haiku Magazine, God’s Cruel Joke, and NiftyLit (forthcoming), and his debut poetry collection, eggplants & teardrops: a haiku collection, was released last year. He is co-editor at Prune Juice Journal.

Instagram: @aaronmbarry
Twitter: @zennialhaiku

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