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Here, Let Me Show You

I’ve always loved when men smile at me in that way,
you know the way, like
they know so much more than you do.

Like you’re a rose coming into her own,
and all they want to do is water you.

Watch the blush flush across your cheeks as they
plant their seeds inside your soil,

Imagining how much better life would have been
if they were born from your supple womb.

As if your thick uterine walls could shield them
from the weight of the world, as if
it was the cave that created the goblin.

Kat Stubing was born into the sticky heat of summer and has been searching for the right words ever since. She received her BA in Media Studies from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and is a proud member of the Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group. Her poems have been published in a variety of literary magazines, including Beyond Words, Allegory Ridge, and Hare’s Paw. You can find Kat online at katjoys.squarespace.com and on Twitter @katjoyst.

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