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Like a deer my ears effortlessly flicker to where the sound is coming from.


Crawls into my ears.

Searching in all directions as it continues…


Ears perk up as the sound tunnels towards my ears.

Following my feet to my bathroom mirror….

I see myself staring back smiling and waving.

Wearing a coon cap with a sash and beaded flowers.

My nose, cheekbones and eyes all stare back at me.

Now the same image is dressed up in a button up shirt.

Even more so this face is identical!

My hair stands on end and my body shivers down to the core.

Now it’s my clothes with the same face looking back at me.

Suddenly I transport to outside with a drum in my hands.

My harm reduction sash around my waist!

As my Louis Riel and Red sash’s hang nearby.

On my drum the blue background with a white infinity in the middle.

My mouth opens and out comes the tune of the Metis honor song.

The song my ancestors from beyond the grave gifted me.

Little footsteps stamp the ground next to me……..

As I do not yet see the figure clearly yet.

Then a hazy ghostly little mirror looks up at me.

Holding their hands are the two other mirror adults.

We all sing together proudly!

My beat connecting us back to our beginnings.

Submitted bio by author Paul Michael Arthur.
Taanshi (hello), My name is Paul Arthur. I am from “Sointula BC Canada” located on the traditional territory of the Namgis and Kwakiutl of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation. It is a both a gift and a privilege to live, love, learn and laugh on the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw of the Coast Salish Nation. I have mixed heritage of British, Irish, Welsh, German, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Danish and French Red River Metis.

I am the adopted son of Gretchen Arthur and the late Dr Thomas Duncan Arthur of “Sointula”. I am the bio son of Ross John Adams of “Nanaimo BC” and Kara Marianne Olson of “Maple Ridge BC”. I am the bio grandson of Harold Clarence Pitt of “Ferguson Montana”, Josephine Isabella Kinnee of “Grandview Manitoba”, Joseph Raymond Charles Jr LaRiviere of “Winnipeg Manitoba” and Anneliese Rauball of Wachenhousen Germany. My Metis family names are Beachemin, Blondin, Cadote, Collin, Delorme, Ducharme, Gray, LaFreniere, Lagimodiere, LaRiviere, Laurence, Marion, Morand, Moreau, Nault, Primeau, Robillard, Roy, St Germain and Villebrun. From the Metis communities of St Boniface, Ste Rose de luc, St Norbert, St Vital, St Francis Xavier and Ritchot. With my Blondin/Gray line coming from Slave Lake Alberta. My writings have helped me to navigate the world around me as I journey my way home. Reconnecting to my heritage during covid that was hidden from me.

Marsee (thank you) to you all for reading,

Marsee to BarBar,

Marsee Buffalo hunter,


Paul Arthur

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